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Dr. Gerard Berry

PradaDr. Gerard Berry is a biochemical geneticist and pediatric endocrinologist whose clinical practice focuses on metabolic diseases and their genetic basis. Dr. Berry is the Director of the Metabolism Program and the Harvey Levy Chair in Metabolism at Boston Children’s Hospital, and also the Director of the Harvard Medical School Biochemical Genetics Training Program[RG1] . Dr. Berry’s role is to evaluate the contribution of metabolic disease to sudden death.

Dr. Berry serves as an expert for the Department of Genetics & Genomics for Boston Children's Hospital Precision Medicine Service.

For over 20 years, Dr. Berry has held major teaching and clinical positions in pediatrics and metabolism primarily at University Of Pennsylvania, CHOP, George Washington University and most recently at Children’s Hospital Boston. As a recognized expert in inborn errors of metabolism and endocrinology, Dr. Berry is the author of and invited lecturer on topics ranging from hyperammonemia, MSUD and galactosemia to metabolism of inositol in the brain. He has served as principal investigator for numerous research studies and has received numerous NIH grants for his work with galactosemia. Dr. Berry has been an active proponent of expanded newborn screening and serves on several advisory boards and international committees. En 2006, Dr. Berry joined Children’s Hospital Boston as the Director of the Metabolism Program.