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Dra. Luciana Hannibal PhD

HannibalCobalamin and heme are two essential and evolutionarily related micronutrients. We investigate how these two compounds facilitate and regulate a variety of physiological processes by binding to their cognate proteins and through protein interactions. These include, for example, cellular respiration, redox signalling pathways and oxidative stress.

Using a combination of biophysical, cell-biological and 'omics' methods, we seek to elucidate how monogenic defects in energy metabolism lead to disturbances at the protein, organelle and cellular levels. Our team develops and optimizes targeted metabolomics methods to identify new biomarkers and approaches for therapeutic intervention.

Current projects: methylation disorders, cobalamin deficiency, cobalamin and heme trafficking, mitochondrial dysfunction, biochemistry of cytochrome c, redox signalling, targeted metabolomics